Frequently Asked Questions

It is not necessary to use a proxy to log in, using a normal network is fine.

Usually not, but if your account is working fine and you have a lot of successful bills, you can contact the Facebook team to help increase your spending limit.

This problem is quite easy to solve, you just need to log in to your account on your phone then go to Pages and republish the page. Or visit the link to republish the Page.

Yes, you can completely change the language after logging in. By this link:

Does not affect the quality of the account. You can delete or leave the admin.

When you log in to your Hotmail account that needs phone number verification to unlock, you can use your personal phone number to verify.
You can then replace the phone number with your recovery email (can use; or your personal email)

That's a one-day spending limit.

2line accounts are accounts that have passed identity verification in ads.

3line is an account that recovered after being restricted from advertising.

- Yes you haven't had enough time to wait after you log in or link the accounts.
- Your payment card may have been banned or blocked by Facebook before, on other accounts and profiles.
- Because you use suspicious IP, have bad history, spam.
- Your ad violates the policy regarding prohibited products. politics and violence..v..v.

When you encounter this error, your account needs to verify your login information again. You just need to delete Cache, cookies, browser history. Then log in to your account again

When you use unfamiliar devices, IPs and browsers to reset your password. Facebook will require advanced verification. Then your account will be very difficult to recover. The best way is to contact the administrator for help.

The most accurate way to check your ad account's spending limit:
Go to your campaign manager then create any campaign and set a budget at Advantage campaign budget => Campaign Budget enter 9999999 after you will see your account's daily spending limit information below .

When encountering this problem. 100% error of your facebook account.
Create a new browser profile then log back into your Facebook account. And try again.