Account disabled error due to unusual activity after adding payment card, error code 792?

This error usually occurs after you have failed to try to add a payment method. The ad account payment method is locked.


  • It's because you've added 1 payment card to multiple ad accounts in the past. In those accounts there were disabled accounts, owed bills..etc.
  • Use virtual cards, not real payment cards, use Scan accounts (payment hack accounts).
  • The country address of the payment card does not match the country address of the ad account.


TYPE 1: There is an ad account verification button.

- How to know?

- How to solve it?

Go to the business manager and follow the steps below.
 + Click on "VERIFY ACCOUNT" then enter the content: " Hello, I am a new advertiser I am disabled after trying to add a payment card. I use my wife's payment card to run a Facebook ad campaign, I'm certainly not violating any of Facebook's policies. Please review and re-enable me. Thank you."

 + Select the line "Country your credit and/or debit cards were issued in doesn't match your current location". Then press "Submit"

 + Please wait 1-2 days you will receive the results. Good luck.

TYPE 2: Updating

TYPE 3: Updating